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A big environmental challenge for wastewater treatment is the removal of excess sludge produced during the process. We are ready to take the most difficult wastewater treatment challenge.

Recycle and Reject Management

Potable water, the pricey elixir is scarce due to population explosion and increased urbanization. The aquatic environment and basic life support system are under threat due to poor wastewater management affecting human health, well being and economic activity.

Sewage Surfeit

Sewage overload causes eutrophication in water bodies and high concentrations of....

Effluent Water Treatment Plants

The recycling of waste water to good water based on certain processing in the water to reduce the demand is effluent treatment. These systems include physic-chemical treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment and membrane separation process to achieve the zero-discharge standards. WCES is one of the leading effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai.

The process is....

Sewage Water Treatment Plants

We are one of the quality sewage treatment plant manufacturers in chennai, South India. The residual water from the residential and commercial buildings are processed to reduce the water pollution and prevent the ground water contamination.

The residual water is collected and anti-foaming agents are added suppress the foam formation. Then the clear water is passed through the special filters....

Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

Having pressure in managing water for reuse? No Worries..!!
Manage your regulatory pressures and meet your water reuse goals with our effective ZLD wastewater treatment plant..!!

ZLD technologies for waste water treatment

The first step to meet ZLD is to limit the amount of wastewater that needs to be treated. Zero Liquid Discharge Technologies....

One of the leading Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturers In Chennai. And always do best more than is required of you.

More than 200+ satisfied clients allover India.

Water Care Equipments & Services, established in 2008, and leading firm in water purification technology for industrial and commercial markets with a focus on effluent treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, desalination, zero liquid discharge. Water Care has successfully executed more that 100 water treatment projects in over 30 cities around the South India. Our services include : spares supply, build-own-operate, maintenance contracts, technical audits and remote

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