About Us

Established in the year 2006, Water Care & Equipments is well-known for manufacturing and supplying all products related to water purification technology for both the commercial and industrial markets and water treatment plants in Chennai. Since the first day in the water treatment field, our focus is laid on facilitating total water management solutions. Ensuring the superior quality, we have serviced over 30 cities around the South India with a focus on desalination, water recycle and reuse, and zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Water Care & Equipments will seek to go through upgrading knowledge continuously, excellent product quality & services, responsible business approach, and 100% satisfaction to our clients, vendors, & employees.

Our services are, 

  • Industrial ro plants
  • Mineral water plants
  • Water softener plants
  • Soft drink plants
  • Demineralization plants
  • Reverse osmosis plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Effluent treatment plants

We did more than 100 water treatment plants in Chennai.


“We try to become a master class in inventive brilliance”

We strive hard to bring to fruition for our customers. Water Care & Equipments is purely dedicated to satisfy the water related needs of customers, to free them from water-related problems, and to give a piece of mind for good health without losing the quality of standard.


Water Care & Equipments will innovate, discover water, and water purification technologies which are essential to a healthy life. To grow progressively in the field of water sector by delivering commendable experience to our clients. Create a brand to be valued for its commitment and efficiency. Delivering care and comfort to its people.


For promoting a company, Infrastructure plays a vital role. Keeping in view the importance of infrastructure, We have all the modern and latest technique equipment in our company. We also have a team of trained professionals to work on these machines.

Who We Are ?

“We Trust Best Quality is Directly Proportional to Customer Satisfaction”

Water Care, a 10+ year’s old company in the water segment is offering a complete range of water treatment plants in Chennai from industrial to large communities. The whole team is led by a strong management and has a strong foundation for itself in its domain, servicing for more than 1000 customers. Being engineered by our technical team preciously, Our products reflect for longer durability and performance. Our manufacturing process will definitely undergo various tests and inspections before being released into the market that ensures and makes customers feel that they have received the best product.

And we did more than 100 stp, etp, water treatment plants in Chennai.

Why People Choose Us ?

“Quality is Our Life”

We at Water Care & Equipments, manufactures water treatment systems for various applications. Being a 10+years old company, We offer complete solutions related to designing, engineering, manufacturing & supplying of water treatment plants in Chennai.

“We Transform Creative Ideas into World-Class Products…!”

We are a conscious, compassionate and high-principled provider of authentic service enhancing customer experience at every touch point and fulfilling the needs comprehensively, fast and efficiently.

Our Services

  • Recycle and Reject Management
  • Mineral Water Treatment Plants in  Chennai
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants in Chennai
  • Soft Drink Wastewater Treatment Plants in Chennai
  • Water Softener Plants
  • Industrial RO Plants
  • Demineralized Water Treatment Plants in Chennai
  • Effluent Water Treatment Plants in Chennai
  • Sewage Water Treatment Plants in Chennai

We manufacture every water treatment plants in Chennai with an intensive care and craftsmanship to give the cleanest water with efficient performance at low-cost, less maintenance, and longer span of life.



We are ready to service what we sell and often as soon as the same day we receive a call.


We always use quality materials to construct the water treatment plants. Will give longer life for our customers.


We have more than 15 years of experience in water treatment. And we did more than 100 industrial project.

Who We Are

Water Care Equipments & Services has successfully executed more than 100 water treatment projects in over 30 cities around the South India. Our services include : spares supply, build-own-operate, maintenance contracts, technical audits, and remote monitoring.

Sewage Treatment Plants
Effluent Treatment Plants
Zero Liquid Discharge Plants
Industrial RO Plants