PetroChemical and Refining

What is Sludge?

It is the slurry or semi solid waste obtained from numerous industrial processes. This is a toxic waste hazardous in nature. The petrochemical industry and refineries are increasingly facing the challenge for proper disposal of the effluent in a legalized, safe and environmentally viable way as the by products are volatile and poisonous.

Pollution Regulation

WCES provides best solution for sludge treatment in petrochemical industries and oil refinery accordance with regulations of PPC/IPPC (pollution prevention control and integrated pollution prevention control act). In most countries the petrochemical refineries are rapidly growing and has major share in income generation. The treatment should be cost effective and conducive.

Contaminants and their Effect

Wastewater treatment is a complex process which involves 2 or more treatment procedures to remove oil and other contaminants. Otherwise the discharge is highly prone for groundwater contamination. The oil, grease and organic removal form the vital part.

Recycle Task

Neutralization (reducing the pH content), coagulation/flocculation (adding agents for solid precipitation), floatation (floating of solid precipitate) /sedimentation (settling down of solid precipitate) /filtration, clarification and biodegradation (e.g. trickling filter, anaerobic treatment, and aerated lagoon rotating biological contactor and activated sludge) are the various processes involved. Activated carbon or chemical treatment, ozonation as the final step for polishing may be required.

Advanced bio technologies are still having a major share in the effluent treatment of this petrochemical sector. These are highly efficient and can be provided at a low cost.

WCES is highly competent in providing all facilities under one roof, engineering as well as operating services.

WCES being turnkey suppliers has all the safety and reliability after 9/11 era. The technological innovation, proactive service support for the product delivered with efficient prompt service team and cost analysis are done for the benefit of the customers.

WCES is well furbished to take up the wastewater management in petrochemical industry’s flux due to stringent environmental regulation for clean discharge.