Upstream Oil and Gas

There are 3 major divisions in Oil and Gas industry, upstream, midstream and downstream. The upstream sector is involved in exploration and production of crude oil and gas. The underground or underwater field is explored and the wells are drilled which bring oil and natural gas to the surface. Subsequently, there is a considerable development in the production of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). list of sewage treatment plants in chennai

Produced Water

The ‘produced water’ is effluent produced along with oil and natural gas. Much of the produced water is brine. The effluent from oil and gas industry is contaminated with huge amount of oil and suspended solid particles which make it unfit for use as potable water and for agriculture etc. The produced water also contains NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material), and also heavy metals like zinc, iron, lead, manganese and barium etc. list of sewage treatment plants in chennai

Water Flooding or Water Injection

The contaminated water is huge in volume and its treatment is highly expensive because of the rapid expansion of this industrial sector. Through forceful water injection the pressure of reservoir is increased to displace oil from the reservoir and push it upwards into a well.

Increased Percentage of Extraction

The water injection increases the extraction percentage considerably which would otherwise be only 30%. The on shore treatment is cost effective and eco friendly where biological pre treatment of oily sludge is involved. Further purification and desalination and removal of radioactive material are processed.

Abundant Usage

This recycled water is used in crop irrigation, wildlife and livestock consumption, industrial equipment cleaning, water injection, power generation and as potable water in drought hit areas.