Petrochemical and Refining

Chemical plants and petroleum refineries use water and steam in a variety of processes right from crude oil to FCC units and cooling towers. Petrochemical water treatment plants from Water care will help industries to reduce the environmental impact, to cut the manufacturing costs, refining the best quality products, and to optimize the production processes. Our team of experts was serving for many industries with state of the art petrochemical water plants that are more sustainable.

Upstream Oil and Gas

In recent decades, the oil and gas industries have undergone great changes significantly. On the other hand, a water and waste water treatment for upstream oil and gas water was turned out to be a key factor for successful operations. Water Care Company has serviced over several years for some of the largest oil and gas industries in meeting their water needs. We develop water treatment plants based on end-usage applications and solutions that work well to reduce risks and cost uncertainties.

Mining and Metals

Finding source of water for mining installations will be quite difficult one. Water Care is an expertise in carrying in-depth process to offer unique solutions to feed your plant. In today’s situation, lots of industries are prohibited from discharging waste water originating from their premises to meet evolving environmental regulations. By the way, waste water treatment plants from Water Care will help you solve the waste water and its related issues for the mining and metals industry.

Pulp and Paper Industry

Paper, perhaps the most widely used material in everyday life. Paper containing a network of fibers with high cellulose content will be effectively treated using several water-based processes and the wastewater produced from them will contain sediments, absorbable organic halides (AOX), effluent solids, and other oxygen demand contaminants. Here comes the need for optimization of water. Water treatment plants from Water Care will dramatically cut the water usage of a plant through reuse of treated water.

Food Industry

Throughout the world, waste water generated from food and agricultural operations will be bio-degradable and non-toxic having higher concentrations of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids (SS). Such water set apart from common municipal wastewater will be managed with private or public sewage treatment plants. The biological wastewater treatment plants by Water Care experts will help you recycle used water while processing foods which in turn reduces the water consumption level gradually.