Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

Having pressure in managing water for reuse? No Worries..!!
Manage your regulatory pressures and meet your water reuse goals with our effective ZLD wastewater treatment plant..!!

ZLD technologies for waste water treatment

The first step to meet ZLD is to limit the amount of wastewater that needs to be treated. Zero Liquid Discharge Technologies always helps plants in meeting the discharge and water and reuse requirements, enabling client’s business to

  • Meet stringent cooling tower blow down
  • Meet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) discharge regulations
  • Treat and recover valuable products from waste streams
  • For better management of produced water

What is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment ?

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a wastewater treatment process which was developed with an intention to completely eliminating the entire liquid discharge contents from a system. An ultimate goal of ZLD system is to cut the volume of wastewater that requires treatment for further and to economically process wastewater that results in produced clean water suitable for reuse. “Water Care” is having an in-depth knowledge and experience in ZLD including more than 100 installations. Today, lots and lots of companies have started to explore ZLD because of its ever-tightening wastewater disposing regulation, public perception of industrial impact on the environment, and concern over the quality and quantity of the water supply.

Why choose Water Care for ZLD plants?

At Water Care, “We help you conserve water resources upstream, and protect release environments and ecosystems downstream”

At Water Care, we offer delegated solutions for effective management of water and wastewater services for municipal, government, and industrial clients. We handle each and every step in the water cycle for public authorities that include water withdraw from nature, producing and piping drinking water.

Our unique features making us special from other competitors

  • Water Care approach towards ZLD plant will be cost-effective and time-tested.
  • Economically possible even for moderate sized equipment.
  • Figures prominently in most ZLD solutions by lowering the labour cost dramatically.
  • Having ability to handle a wider range of waste streams compared to others.
  • Models are available based upon the customer requirements.

Applications of ZLD plants

Zero Liquid Discharge plants are widely applied in various industries with an intention to generate liquid effluents. In general, the zero liquid systems are being integrated to treat the R.O reject streams. Some of the ZLD applications are:

  • Distillery
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cooling tower blow down
  • Plant discharges compliance
  • Steel industry
  • Coals and chemical waste
  • Gasification wastewater
  • Paper industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Dyes industry