Reverse Osmosis Plants

We are one of the leading reverse osmosis water treatment plants manufacturers in Chennai. Our plant has well-rich highly protective Reverse Osmosis unit that supplies pure water to different industrial sectors. All our water treatment units are handled by well skilled personnel thus we are able to stand at the top position in this field. Our peculiarly designed RO water purifiers purify different types of effluents and the resultant treated water quality remains the same. We render cost-effective RO water to different customers thus we act as a perfect source for different industrial operations. WCES is a leading RO plant manufacturers in Chennai, South India.

Process and Services

We are wise enough to update our process and services that create the win-win situation between us and our customers. We use multi-membranous carbon structures to retreat the first filtered water thus Reverse Osmosis produces the purest form of water. We are able to recreate the quality in each litre through our highly capacitated water treatment plants and storage units. We are ready to supply water in different quality grades based upon the expectancies of our customers.

RO Water Uses

We are highly equipped with the incorporation of latest technologies that particularly concentrates on the quality of the treated water.

  • 100% water conservation is achieved through our Industrial and Domestic Reverse Osmosis units
  • We serve treated water to different small scale industries and manufacturers and also for domestic purposes such as vehicle wash, clothes wash and our first grade water is also used for drinking
  • Natural taste of water is recreated in our treated water through several continuous processes followed by first level of purification
  • Clay mixed water, Dye mixed water from textile industries and food ingredient mixed water from food-processing industries are treated well through our Reverse Osmosis units
  • We play a crucial role in reducing the Environmental pollution by treating many kinds of waste water through our RO technology
  • WCES is a leading reverse osmosis water treatment plants manufacturers in Chennai, South India.