Mineral Water Treatment Plants

Uncontaminated well protected water from natural source is transferred to raw storage tank by uncontaminated pumping process to the water treatment system. WCES is one of the leading mineral water plant manufacturers in chennai.

Water Processing

Raw water is ozonized to kill bacteria and virus and passed to the sets of filter and activated charcoal filter to remove excess chlorine and all sort impurities via pump.

The anti-scale formation dose is added to the water then passed to the softener then again to the filter to prevent clogging while it is passing via the high pressure pump to the RO membrane. Around 95 %of dissolved salts are removed after this process. Then UV Sterilisation and Ozone Disinfection process is carried out for final testing of purified water.

Purified water gets filled with pet bottles which are made from blow moulding machine with heavy duty compressor and air drier unit.

Technology Utilised for Packing

The moulding machines are available fully automatic and semi-automatic category with different specification based on the customer requirement. The standard accessories of the machines are equipped with electrical panel and advanced circuitry for automation process.

Machines for rinsing, filling &capping operations with full automatic provision and also technically improved body labelling system. Computerised digital machinery for maintaining the quality and hygienic of the product without using the human hands.

Further, our plants also provide higher efficiency operations as well as also require less maintenance cost and support while handling varied purification processes involving rinsing, filling, capping as well as water sterilization using oxidants and filtration techniques.

We are committed in offering our customers a highly best range of mineral water plant. Our plant is well constructed for carrying operational activities in various industries effectively. The offered plant is precisely fabricated under the supervision of our accomplished professionals. Furthermore, Our plant is also tested on all scenarios to ensure its high performance and operational features. Out plants include the electrical and instrument control panel.