Soft Drink Wastewater Treatment Plants

WCES is one of the leading soft drink plant manufacturers in Chennai. Our company promises its dealers and customers in all the ways by creating the most trustful manufacturing unit for the production of hygienic soft drinks. Our company stands one among the top listed soft drink plants that are newly ventured in Tamil Nadu. We enhance our standards as per the raising needs of our customers and strive for excellence to maintain our newly committed standards. Our capabilities are very high in joining hands with the chain suppliers of products in and around the state and thus achieved high level brand reach. Flawless business commitments that we make and maintain create the symbols of our pride.

Processes and Services

We know how the soft drinks play a significant role in the market and its seasonal demands among the consumers. Thus we throw our services towards the value adds as per the expectations of our customers.

“We create the benchmark that returns the remarkable pride to our joining hands”

We create our own ways that remarkably take up all the innovative initiatives to help our customers in multiple angles. Quality maintenance team keeps up the standards of the product and thus we hold many success stories through lifelong commitments with most of our customers. Regulated mode of services and processes are followed in our company to work towards the Demand and the Supply mode of the market strategy.

Utilities of the Plant

Our processes include water treatments, demineralization, pet bottle molding and stretching create massive exposure and now our soft drink plants has reached out a vast extend.

  • Natural juice, Synthetic fruit flavored juices are manufactured
  • Beverages and all kinds of non-alcoholic products are manufactured
  • Some tasty and pulpy juice flavors are also manufactured
  • Packaged product supply to both the regional suppliers and the dealers
  • Products are highly durable