Industrial RO Plants

We are one of the familiar industrial ro plant manufacturers in chennai, South India. We stand one among the top listed water treatment plants in India mainly for our hi-tech technological manufacturing processes. Our recognition set up a benchmark in this field in different aspects. Our product quality labels reach out the peak that increase our bondage towards new and also our existing customers. We are highly responsive towards the feedbacks of our customers that step up the rapport level with our customers.

Our Standards and Services

Our remarkable service level agreements with our customers always make us positioning towards the goal of success. We render unique services to treat different waste water sludge that mainly defines and differentiates our supply for various purposes.

“We aim for Water Purification that paves a perfect way for our Customer Satisfaction!”

Our product manifestation has reached out multiple corners of our nation through its remarkable quality. We strive hard to break new ground in establishing latest membranous water treatment solutions to improvise the quality of our products.

Treatment Processes

The firm implements both chemical and physical water treatment processes with the soulful goal to provide the purest form of water. Treated water gets supplied to many parts of in and around Tamilnadu in a regular basis.

  • Our water treatment is highly procedural for its intended purposes including industrial, hospitals and domestic usages
  • We adopt different water recycling procedures as the impure water requires the right kind of treatment based upon the level of effluent mixing
  • Reverse Osmosis, Thermal Hydrolysis, Ultra filtration, Electrolysis and Distillation are our primary water purifying techniques
  • We maintain strict water conservation at all the stages of water treatment incorporating advanced sludge collecting systems
  • We even calculates the duration of contamination of any kind of effluent water and based upon that increase or decrease the stages of water purification
  • Multiple huge capacitated gallons are available to ensure the effective water storage. WCES is one of the best Wastewater treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai, South India.