Water Softener Plants

We are one of the leading water softener plant manufacturers in Chennai. For various application and utilization of treated water the softening of water has to carry out for further process. The high synthetic resin is used to reduce the hardness of the water. The vessels utilized is of highly coated with selective materials for specialised purposes. The water softening process is applied in the following fields. Boiler Feed, Cooling Tower Make-Up, Air Conditioning Plant, Textile Processing, Beverage Production, Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, etc.

Water Softening Plants

Our company standards touch the heights of customer expectations and preferences through multiple ways. We strive hard to impress our customers in the way to achieve win-win situation ever long. We make promises in every drop we produce thus we create a friendly niche among many wise customers. Technologies are imported from different countries of the world that implies the ultimate product recovery in our manufacturing processes. Wise progression is our identity which is achieved through iterative innovative ideas and implementations of the professional personals.

Processes and Services

Our services stretch across the advanced sources of technology to create the better solutions to all types of customer preferences. We use ion-exchange resins across the thin membranous tubes connecting huge reactors collecting the absolute soft water. Originality maintenance is achieved through our promises that we make in our first word with our customers.

“Our extraordinary services replenish our customer sovereign for decades”

We have no believes on the overgenerous services instead our customers would receive the appreciable services from us. Our services remain resumed always through a team of talented professionals and that is source of our benefit sharing with our customers. We proactively launch new technologies inculcating healthy relationships with our customers.

Significance of Softened Water

  • Primarily the soft water is highly preferred among the cleaning industries for its nature
  • In most of the plumbing industries, soft water is used for its compatibility with soap oils and it has the capability to produce lathers instantly
  • Detergent usage could be reduced and thus the laundry cost could be reduced when the clothes are washed with soft water
  • Soft water prevents scaling in the reactors and thus in the coolants soft water is preferred as prolonged scaling sometimes reduce the flow of water in the coolants