Demineralized Water Treatment Plants

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Our Standards and Services

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Treatment Processes

Demineralisation involves in separation and restoration of the minerals simultaneously to make the water more useful for both the domestic and other industrial purposes.

  • Demineralised water is used as a prime choice in many petrochemical industries in order to use the water as a coolant during manufacturing process
  • Well treated water is supplied to various industries at different purity levels based upon the expectation of the customers
  • Utility differs and it actually depends upon the level of minerals that are removed and sometimes remineralisation is required to compromise its mineral level for some of the industries
  • Industries involved in the manufacture of Air conditioners, Refrigerators use the demineralised water
  • Several Paint companies consider this water as a solvent for many of its components and it is highly preferred for mixing and cleaning.
  • Our primary goal is to be a best demineralized water treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai, South India.