Effluent Water Treatment Plants

The recycling of waste water to good water based on certain processing in the water to reduce the demand is effluent treatment. These systems include physic-chemical treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment and membrane separation process to achieve the zero-discharge standards. WCES is one of the leading effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai.

The process is applied in the industries where industrial waste discharges more such as chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical, refineries, dairy, ready mix plants & textile etc. Effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai

The process includes removal of dirt, oil and grease as first step. Removal of solid and liquid waste and biological waste is the secondary step. Sand and carbon filtration and at last the RO process to finish the water treatment process. Our primary goal is to be a best Effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai, South India.

Effluent Treatment Plants

We hold a prosperous exhaustive range of well graded Effluent treatment processes thus maintaining the unique standard in our deliverables. We follow well recognized effluent treatment procedures through imported treatment solutions. Thus we sustain at the top withholding all our innovative approaches that increase the effective treated water outlets.

We predominantly manage our deals by continuous competitive enhancements to our treatment plants. We assure quality in each and every step which remarkably increased our customer circle in and around TamilNadu.

The Process and Its Uses

Our novel Effluent treatment technologies are approved by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Our meticulous performance in treating the food processing effluents inculcates our progression in this field. Paper industries and Edible oil industries mainly utilize our effluent treated water to cool and mix their raw materials, soak and cleanse the medieval products etc.

We incorporate many innovative techniques for the efficient water treatment throughout the entire cycles. After treatment, the treated water has its huge demand in Electro plating industries, Tanneries, Distilleries and Textile industries. Our primary goal is to be a best Effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai, South India.

Techniques Involved

We follow different advanced techniques that simplify the effluent collection process. It helps us to achieve the perfect effluent treatment by incorporating appropriate techniques within the stipulated duration.

  • Our operation friendly Equalization and Acidification processes are the two main options for improved Effluent Water treatment
  • We have a high grade label for Chemical conditioning techniques that result the purest form of water
  • Industrial bi-products can be treated using several Primary Floatation and Fat Recovery processes and control procedures
  • Grease and Grit can also be completely segregated from the effluents through our remarkable Pressure Filtration technique
  • The most impure and highly contaminated bio-degradable effluent mix can also be separated through Bio-clarification technique

Assured 100% water recovery from any kind of effluent is our routine that increases our supply to different zones of the state.