Sewage Water Treatment Plants

We are one of the quality sewage treatment plant manufacturers in chennai, South India. The residual water from the residential and commercial buildings are processed to reduce the water pollution and prevent the ground water contamination.

The residual water is collected and anti-foaming agents are added suppress the foam formation. Then the clear water is passed through the special filters to remove organic contents as well to kill the bacteria after passing through a primary filter. The UF and RO systems are further utilized to treat sewage disposal.

The filtered water is chlorinated to remove micro biological particles in the water treatment container. The treated water can be utilized for auto mobile cleaning, gardening spray and also for flushing.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We promote our services as the world’s best class options for Sewage Water Treatment through some of the state-of-the-art commercial techniques. We render the most effective stabilized services that make our customers understand the importance of their business with us. The key success of the firm lies in its customer heritage which makes it proudly step forth towards the ladder of victory. We maintain uniqueness in every aspect of product delivery that renders a perfect bondage with our customers. Our commitments always bend towards customer side by understanding their expectations.

Our Services and Success

Our firm communicates with its customers through its outspoken quality that lies in every step. Changing world always brings up the changing expectation among the customers and we strive extremely hard to fulfil our customer expectations through our hybrid services. And our primary goal is to be a best Sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Chennai, South India.

Our outstanding process techniques meet the standards and certifications for different Sewage Treatment options. Our primary focus is our customer satisfaction thus we increase our tie ups with advanced technological implementations that purely recognize our customer expectations.

Techniques Involved

Our high do really suits well for most of the industrial sectors that primarily utilizes treated water.

  • Ultra filtration sewage treatment plant with unique dirt resistant mechanism is installed massively with perfect extensions to supply water for many laboratories, hospitals, educational institutions and also for some of the industries.
  • We achieve 100% water recovery from different kinds of chemicals that tremendously increases our supply towards many small sectors and also to housing units
  • Economical quick silver removal techniques followed in our plant assures chemicals and alkalies removal from the industrial sludge
  • We have a well equipped centralized desalination unit operated by highly experienced hands
  • Our plants are protectively designed with innovative dirt resistant membranes with the options for waste removal in multiple layers for the efficient water filter.
  • Massive storage units are implanted to handle the chemically treated sewage and effluent waters and these highly appreciable water storage tanks remarkably increase our productivity more than the expected levels