Recycle and Reject Management

Water Care is one of the leading companies in providing the recycle and reject management plants for waste water reuse in both the industrial and municipal purposes. Our expertise has an in-depth knowledge in supplying variety of recycle water treatment plants that are capable of ultra-high recovery water reuse. These plants serve various applications like refinery effluent, boiler blow down, and etc.

Reverse Osmosis Plants

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants are the manufacturing plants where the reverse osmosis process takes place. The RO process makes use of a semi-permeable membrane to separate and remove dissolved solids, organics, microns, and bacteria from water. This is called as Reverse Osmosis process. RO plants from Water Care will remove 95%-99% of the total dissolved solids and 99% of the bacteria.

Mineral Water Treatment Plants

Based on the latest technologies, Mineral water plants are the main source of mineral water supply across many regions. We are one of the leading mineral water plant manufacturers provided with an excellent water treatment. Our plants are highly capable of effective filtration of contaminated water by ensuring the customers that they are provided with bacteria free water, which is good for health.

Soft Drink Plants

Soft drink plants are viral for making the soft drink waters more hygienic by adding taste and flavors. Soft drink plants manufactured by Water Care will be best to fill carbonated and non-carbonated beverages into bottles irrespective of sizes and shapes. Water care offers services by producing the soft drink plants that enhances the standard of quality for packing the drinks.

Industrial RO plants

Industrial RO plants will offer a molecular water purification solution that is becoming increasingly important in many cities and towns. Water Care will manufacture high quality RO membranes and offer extended services for installing and commissioning such RO plants. These plants are used in the production of water, polishing and demineralization, rehabilitation processes, and in zero liquid discharge processes.

Water softener plants

Water Softening plants are the exchange units especially designed for industrial use. It will be simple to run and inexpensive to keep up. Today, we are providing water softener plants to various industrial and domestic purposes. At Water care, a range of economical and efficient self-contained packages are available for municipal, institutions, and industrial purposes.

Demineralized plants

Demineralization is the process of removing all mineral salts from water by using the ion exchange process. Demineralized plants are useful in making water free from dissolved minerals completely as a result of distillation, de-ionization, membrane filtration, and electro-dialysis. Our plants will help several industrial applications in making high-purity water that are free from ionic contaminants.

Effluent water treatment plants

Effluent water treatment plants from Water Care are manufactured to treat both municipal and industrial effluents that consist of waste water, sewage, and sludge. Even, these plants are capable of removing the harmful pathogens, hazardous chemicals, toxins, and to separate and extract valuable substances from effluent. Aerobic and anaerobic biological processes are also used in our effluent treatment plants.

Sewage water treatment plants

Sewage water treatment plants plays an important role in the process of removing the contaminants from the sewage to produce liquid and solids suitable for discharging to the environment for re-use purposes. Water Care helps industries and companies by supplying sewage treatment plants that removes all sludge and bacteria contents present in water.